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    The team at Tankhwapatra claims that the payroll management will be automated.The software actually does it and our staff is relaxed and stress free during the month end when it comes to employee management.

    Mr. Hiren Trivedi

    Energy Mission

    This is without a doubt the best software for payroll processing. All the records get stored in the application as a result of which the chance of manual errors has reduced completely.

    Mr. Urvish Desai

    Super Sliders


    Attendance Management

    Remote attendance, selfie punch-in, geo trapping and similar features are configured to allow on-site and remote employees to mark attendance.

    Tax & Statutory Compliance

    With Tankhwapatra, You can constantly update various tax and statutory compliances and generate various forms as per government regulations.

    Performance Management

    With Tankhwapatra multiple reports like attendance, visit summary, expense & advance report, etc. can be downloaded for various stackholder for analysis and evolution.

    Pre-Boarding & On-Boarding

    Streamline your pre-boarding and on-boarding processes and maintain historical data of all interviews.


    Live Location Tracking

    This features enables team leaders and managers to track their team’s real time location.

    Travel Insights

    Managers and team leaders will also get teams travel insights like total KMs traveled and total visit.


    Real Time Expense Reporting

    Employees on field can add expenses in real time from their mobile.

    Automatic Expense Synchronization

    Expenses added by employees can be automatically synchronized with any existing ERP system.

    Real Time Expense Approval

    Managers or team leaders back in office can easily authorize expenses added by their team.

    Spending Pattern

    With Tankhwapatra’s multiple insights, team-leaders and managers can keep actions on employees spending pattern.


    Loans And Advances

    With Tankhwapatra’s payroll module, complicated calculations of loans and advances, EMIs etc are done automatically.

    Leave And Overtime Management

    Paid leaves, c’off, national holidays, or any other kind leaves, along with overtime calculations are done automatically.

    Automated Salaryslip Generation

    Self explanatory salaryslips are generated with one click, reducing HR’s time spend on resolving issues with salary calculations.




    Changing the way human asset is managed!

    HRMS software that is designed especially to cater to your need

    Can be integrated to your existing enterprise management systems

    Provide quick and effective solutions to all your HR problems

    Reduces 50-60% of your HR daily work tasks

    Streamlines all your HR activities

    Interactive and user friendly features for both employees and HR


    The Tankhwa Patra software is web enabled. This helps you access your data from any where and at any time. You can access your data from a desktop, laptop or mobile while sitting at office , from home or any other place where there is internet connectivity.

    Since employees are the heart of the organization, the Tankhwa Patra software helps you manage employee data centrally. The Tankhwa Patra software maintains basic personal information, qualification, family and you can attach any documents.

    The Tankhwa Patra is a robust software with support for formulated salary calculation. Salary processing is quick, easy and accurate. PF calculation can be configured using this software.

    Using the Tankhwa Patra software, you can easily calculate employee's increments in salary. You can accurately calculate the overtime payments for the employee.

    The Time and Attendance module helps you calculate the time using real time tracking. This calculation is later
    taken into consideration when it comes to calculating the employee's attendance, absenteeism and holidays taken.

    The Tankhwa Patra is a flexible software which has flexible structure building capacity for earnings and deductions. It can add any number of earnings and deductions in the final salary calculation.

    The Tankhwa Patra software's dashboard helps you get an overview related to the major activities that happen on a particular day. This includes employee's in time and out time report, visits scheduled for the company and the working day's calendar.

    The Tankhwa Patra software helps enable customized workflows for leave and expenses. The employee can apply for leave using the software as well as expenses incurred during the course of his/her work. This application can either be accepted or rejected by you as deemed fit.

    Yes, the Tankhwa Patra software helps you get immediate notification via SMS whenever your leave and expense request status is updated.

    The Tankhwa Patra software helps generate customized reports as per your company's needs. You can generate dynamic, historic as well as customized reports for the current or the previous period using this software.

    Using the Tankhwa Patra software, you can import Employee masters, Salary masters , leave and attendance records as well as other records in a
    hassle free way.

    The Tankhwa Patra software stores all information about the employee right from the time when the employee joins to the time when the employee leaves the company.

    The Tankhwa Patra software makes it possible to help you integrate with attendance machines like biometric devices. You can also integrate this software with Accounting software or ERPs.

    Using the Tankhwa Patra software, you can give access to modules, depending on the employee's work profile.

    With the Tankhwa Patra software, you can file for statutory compliance with the click of a button. Be it PF, ESIC,
    PT or TDS, this software helps you in a simplified and hassle free way of managing such applications and staying
    within government norms.